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Andrew Muir:

Theodora. The Justinian Wars

When Rome fell in 473AD, Constantinople became the capital of the remnants of the Roman Empire. Virtually every province west of Greece had fallen to the Goths or barbarians and in north Africa to the Visigoths. This historical novel tells the story of Theodora, one time actress or vedette who became the wife of Flavius Justinian, four years before he became Emperor Justinian.

Theodora so impressed Justinian with her political expertise that he took the unprecedented step of allowing her to rule by his side as Empress. Together they began the task of restoring the Roman Empire to its former glory, reclaiming lands lost fifty years earlier. During the infamous Nikka riots, when Justinian was preparing to flee for his life, Theodora showed her courage, leadership and determination when she vowed to stay. She inspired her entourage with a rousing speech and commanded the young General Belisarius to attack and eliminate the mob which was occupying the stadium, which he did with devastating efficiency. Thereafter, Justinian devoted himself to codifying the law and rebuilding the city and its palaces and churches which had been destroyed by the riots, leaving Theodora and Belisarius to reconquer the lands which had made up the Roman Empire.

This is the story of the battles for the lost lands from Libya to Italy and the relationship which developed between the Empress and the General as they struggled together to resurrect the glory that had been the greatest empire in the world.

ISBN: 9781595692412
456 pages; 9" x 6"
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Andrew MuirL The Last Mistress

The Last MistressLove, Intrigues, Sex, Espionage: "The Last Mistress" is the story of Richard Brown, who leaves an English boarding school at the end of World War II to find his way in the world. Believing that he might have a vocation to take Holy Orders, he decided to travel to Jerusalem and then onto Rome. A brief stay in Paris opens a new world to him. On arrival in Palestine, he gets caught up in the war between Jews and Arabs and is conscripted into the Palestine Police. Posted on the border between Palestine and Lebanon, he gets the opportunity to visit Beirut and enjoy its pleasures before being demobilized and sent back to London. --- His journey through life does not stop there. Graduating from Imperial College, London University, he enters the business world, and as a high-flying investment banker he decides that the sky's the limit. He travels around the world, continuing with his lighthearted erotic romp through life before a tragic event brings him back to earth and allows him to find his true vocation. --- Though by no means an autobiography, much of the background, especially the events in Palestine, are factual and well authenticated. However, as with his previous novels, the author draws on his personal experiences and titillates us with descriptions of gastronomic delights and seductive and sensual pleasures of love.


ISBN: 9781595691903
236 pages; 8.5" x 5.5"
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Andrew MuirL The Last Mistress

The MissionWeighed down by prohibitive maintenance costs of their 43 cathedrals and beset by declining revenues from a dwindling membership, the Church of England is close to bankruptcy. With no more properties to sell and no shareholders to bail them out, the Archbishop of Canterbury is at his wit's end. The Catholic Church also has its problems - notably on an increasing number of cases of child molestation by their priests dominating the Press. But it has money - and especially in England, where immigrants from Catholic countries are swelling their congregations and consequently their coffers. In a gesture of apparent ecumenical generosity, Pope Paul offers to absorb the Anglican Church's current deficit with a handsome gift of 120 million pounds... --- The protagonists of "The Mission" are Sister Ursula Green and Father Richard Brown SJ who are on a clandestine mission to bring about fundamental changes to the Church of Rome that will allow women to be ordained. Working from the inside, using Father Brown's financial skills and Sister Ursula's feminine wiles, they come up with a unique approach that receives the Pope's blessing. Other characters who play a leading part in the development of the plot are Don Guido Leone, the Mafia boss in Sicily who has a hidden secret, John Reilly, the defrocked Catholic Archbishop of Westminster who marries a blond teenager, a Benedictine monk who shoots himself to avoid exposure, a depressed Anglican Archbishop who takes an overdose of sleeping tablets to kill his pain, a priest who acknowledges that he is the father of three children, and a professional dominatrix who uses her psychological skills to good effect. The action oscillates between Lambeth Palace, the Vatican, Rome, Salisbury and Palermo.


ISBN: 9781595692221
260 pages; 8.5" x 5.5"
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